Anker Soundcore Flare Mini


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Features & Compatibility

Anker Soundcore Flare Mini

360° Sound

An outdoor Bluetooth speaker with back-to-back drivers deliver

front-row sound to everyone around.

Beat-Driven Lightshow

A multicolored LED ring beats, pops, and

phases in time to your music.

IPX7 Waterproof

An outdoor Bluetooth speaker with tough waterproof protection to withstand rain,

drinks, and even complete submersion for 30 minutes.

12-Hour Battery Life

Using Anker’s world-renowned battery technology,

playtime runs all day or all night.

Wireless Stereo

Pair 2 Flare Mini outdoor Bluetooth speakers via a single Bluetooth

device for all-around stereo sound.

Don’t Stop Moving

Flare Mini’s compact design makes it an essential

outdoor Bluetooth speaker for any good time.

Take The Party Further

Bluetooth 4.2 has a range of 66 feet so you can keep

the tunes going as you mingle and move.

All Round Pounding Sound: Intense 360° sound drops from back-to-back 5W (10W total) neodymium drivers for stunning sound in every direction—all powered by BassUp technology, multi-band DRC, and dual IIR passive radiators.

Audio Fireworks: Watch a halo of LEDs phase, pulse, and glow with the rhythm of your music for a next-level listening experience. Fill your house or yard with a personalized party atmosphere; 8 individual LEDs and 5 lighting modes offer customization.

Pool Party Proof: No matter where the times go, Flare Mini is an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that is suited up and ready. Super-safe IPX7 waterproof protection effortlessly withstands spills, rain, and even complete submersion (for 30 minutes) in water.

Can’t Stop The Beat: A high-efficiency Li-ion battery ensures you get 12 hours of thumping sound and pulsing light from a single charge—longer than ordinary outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Start the party early, and go to bed late!

Wireless Stereo: Connect 2 Flare Mini outdoor Bluetooth speakers via a single bluetooth device for souped-up stereo sound. Designed to work with any device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Chromebooks, TV, PD.

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