Anker 548 60W 60000mAh Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)


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Anker 548 60W 60000mAh Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve 192Wh)

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  • Massive Power for All: Get the ultimate emergency power source for all your devices with a massive capacity of 60,000mAh. Charge an iPhone 14 over 10 times, a MacBook Air up to 2.9 times, or power a 3W LED lamp for 42.3 hours.
  • Simultaneous Charging: Features 60W and 27W USB-C ports, allowing you to charge your phone and laptop simultaneously‚ÄĒideal for quick power on the go.
  • Stay Safe and Secure: The retractable light and an SOS button provide emergency lighting for safety during power outages or other emergency situations.
  • Power Up Sustainably: Recharge the power bank seamlessly via solar panels, providing sustainable charging for your devices on the go.

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